“The seminar was very educational as well as interactive and included plenty of everyday examples, which made it relatable and easy to understand for an audience that might have not been too familiar with this topic. Overall highly recommend – I look forward to attending more of her workshops and to learn from them.”

Charlaine Grosse-Lopez, Journalist & Producer

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I facilitate workshops on interrupting racism, radical community care, unpacking white supremacy, and direct communication .

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Art in all forms has been one of the most healing parts of my human experience. I am honored to share my work and self expression with you.

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This Is A Family Owned Business

We are the Hidalgo Rodriguez familia and we operate this business to give ourselves more time with our young children. We are Native American (Apache Nation & Yaqui Nation) & Chicanx. Please understand time works differently in our culture.

We run on Indian Time.